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Culture Component

In the Culture Component, a Statement of Cause is crafted highlighting a future based on the organization’s societal impact. A Statement of Intention is then created aligning with the Cause, and establishing a commitment to employees, customers, and communities. Desired behaviors and habits are defined creating the guardrails in the pursuit of potential. Roots Groups (internal peer groups) are set-up to ensure the desired culture becomes the organization’s foundational DNA to support strategy development and execution.

Culture Activation Options

Online | Self-Guided: Your organization can activate the Culture Component in the self-guided, fully online version taking you through culture definition, development, and implementation. You will gain access to a video platform with a structured process to lead your company through the entire process. The online platform includes a workbook with meeting directions and a sample schedule to establish the cultural foundation for your organization. Click the button below to activate the online Culture Component.

Professionally Facilitated | Zoom or Live: Teams can engage the Culture Component through a series of Zoom meetings spread over four weeks (schedule can vary) or live meetings over a few days. The program begins with an online video platform designed to introduce the participants to the Culture Component enhancing the quality of the workshop. The individual, online part is followed by a dynamic and engaging platform to define, develop, and establish a plan for implementation.  Click the button below to inquire about the professionally facilitated Culture Component.

Strategy Component

The Strategy Component develops the business plan that outlines the organization’s focus, outcomes, and actions. It intentionally reinforces the culture behind your business. Using the Strategy Whiteboard, your team goes through a comprehensive approach to strategic planning that leads to an aligned focus, tangible outcomes, and specific actions. Effective strategy evolves from sound strategic analysis, painting a picture of the future that will impact the pursuit of the organization’s cause.



Strategy Activation Options

Online | Self-Guided: The self-guided model supports a structure for accessing the comprehensive video micro-learning platform going through each block on the Strategy Whiteboard. The Culture Component feeds directly into the Strategy Component ensuring there is a solid connection between culture and strategy. This is an extensive online platform requiring participants to be dedicated to creating a strategic foundation that aligns with the culture and enables the organization to realize its potential.

Professionally Facilitated | Zoom or Live:  The facilitated program includes the comprehensive video micro-learning platform and adds in a professionally facilitated option done remotely through Zoom or face-to-face.  There are a series of strategic meetings that take place where the participants engage in building strategy by leveraging the Strategy Whiteboard.  Each participant goes through the video platform and does about eight to ten hours of pre-work prior to the meetings.

Execution Component

Once the Culture and Strategy Components are set, execution takes over. There has been much written about why execution fails. There are three dominant reasons why:

  • Culture does not support the desire to change and pursue potential
  • Strategies are developed by the executive elite and rarely connect Strategic Focus, Strategic Outcomes, and Strategic Actions
  • Execution is not reinforced with a cooperative communication model, developing emotional and system intelligence

The Execution Component builds leadership capacity at all levels of the organization creating a common language and responsibility process that incorporates the defined culture and strategic platform. By enhancing motivation and communication where employees develop behaviors and habits that challenge and support one another, the culture is strengthened, outcomes are achieved, and employees realize earned success

Execution Activation

Professionally Facilitated | Zoom or Live: The professionally facilitated meetings go deep into a series of leadership tools developing a common language and process for overcoming obstacles.  While the program connects to the Culture and Strategy Component, it also works independent of the others.  

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Blendification executive peer Group

Within an organization, employees form internal peer groups to reinforce the culture and accountability (in the Blendification System, these groups are called Roots Groups). Unfortunately, CEOs typically do not have access to meaningful and trustworthy peer groups. The Blendification Executive Peer Group leverages the Blendification System by bringing together a group of CEOs that are using the system in their organization to activate potential by connecting culture, strategy, and execution.

Blendification Executive Peer Groups are different from other executive peer groups because each member adopts and implements the Blendification System as a foundational element for leading their company. The group meetings are structured and professionally facilitated to enhance the connection between culture, strategy, and execution. Each member is bonded by the Blendification System and the Strategy Whiteboard, enhancing the understanding of each business while providing enriched conversations leading to actionable takeaways. This is a hyper-focused model driven to build better leaders so they positively impact their employees, customers, and communities.

Blendification Executive Peer Group Activation

  • Live (Colorado Meetings): Monthly meetings, structured, professionally facilitated
  • Commitment: Completion of the Strategy Whiteboard and adoption of the Blendification System


Executive Coaching within the Blendification System is designed to:
  • Identify, assess, and develop potential
  • Apply potential to effectively grow others
  • Integrate leadership tools and skills with the organization’s Strategic Focus
  • Broaden leadership impact to engage others in Strategic Execution 
  • Enhance leadership impact by influencing organizational culture and effectiveness at work, at home, and in the community (Leadership Multiplier)
 This platform reinforces the Blendification System providing additional direction and accountability. 

Executive Coaching Activation

Zoom or Live: Executive Coaching meetings are done remotely through Zoom or live.

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