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Chat with us in-person or virtually to unpack your business’s unique objectives and challenges. Through this mutual discovery, you can determine if the Blendification System is a good fit for your organization and we will walk you through the details of each program and their implementation.

Culture Program

Culture is the bedrock of every organization. A healthy and blended culture will create unified identity and foster productive interactions amongst employees. Blendification’s Culture Program will take you through a process of defining key aspects of your culture and ensure its compatibility with your strategy and execution. Once culture is defined, we will use our roots group implementation model to diffuse your desired culture organically throughout the organization at all levels.

Strategy program

Strategy is most effective when it compliments an organization’s culture and is directly linked to structured execution. Blendification’s Strategy Whiteboard Program takes your company through comprehensive strategy development starting from analysis of external impacts, evaluation of internal strengths and weaknesses, review of historical results, and identification of core competencies. Then strategic focus statements are created in four general areas (Customer & Market, Product, Operations, and People), each with well-defined strategic outcomes. Finally, each focus area is assigned a roots group which decides what strategic actions are necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.

Execution program

Execution that is not directly linked to strategy almost always causes confusion around priorities, interdepartmental conflict, and escalation of decision-making. Blendification’s Execution Program enables effective implementation of the Strategy Whiteboard by distributing ownership at the grassroots level via the Roots Group peer-accountability model. This model connects the company strategy, as depicted in the Strategy Whiteboard, with a structured execution process that aligns expectations, provides evidence tracking, inspires motivation, and connects employee contributions to the overall company business objective.

Activation component

Activation of an organization’s potential is the net result of employees abandoning robotic routines and transcending to a higher plain of inspired focus and unified purpose. Blendification’s Activation Program takes employees through a perspective-shifting journey and provides them with the intellectual and emotional tools to unlock individual and collective growth. Each employee completes their own Activation Whiteboard to help them put a personal plan into practice that not only helps the company as a whole achieve massive results, but also helps each employee access greater human potential.

Run the Program

The Blendification Programs are designed to be combined as a synchronous suite, but also deliver substantial benefit when run individually. Regardless of your preferred approach, each program consists of three parts. Part 1 prepares team members through a series of eLearning videos and practice. Part 2 is can be an in-person or virtually facilitated session that takes your team through an engaging workshop of knowledge-building, analysis, creativity, decisions-making, goal setting, and action-planning. Part 3 involves reinforcing support customized to fit your business needs to ensure successful implementation and long-term retention of program benefits.