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What is the Virtual Strategy Consultant?

The Virtual Strategy Consultant bolsters your company by:

  • Increasing participation in planning
  • Reducing planning time and cost
  • Creating agile and responsive implementation

By including employees in planning, staying ahead of market shifts, identifying and mitigating potential risks, and utilizing a distributed and shared implementation framework, the Virtual Strategy Consultant enables your organization to thrive amidst constant change. The Virtual Strategy Consultant will transform your company into a dynamic and resilient force, poised to navigate the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and finesse.

AI Steve Jobs' Strategy Whiteboard for Apple

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How would Apple evolve under Steve Jobs’ leadership today? To explore this, we employed our Virtual Strategy Consultant to conduct an “AI-driven interview” with a simulated Steve Jobs, digging into Culture, Strategic Analysis, Foundation, and Strategic Focus. These insights were integrated into our Strategy Whiteboard with AI. It’s essential to note that, while the AI emulated Steve Jobs in this instance, the Virtual Strategy Consultant typically engages with numerous individuals within your organization. These collective insights then shape your company’s Strategy Whiteboard. This process exemplifies our commitment to blending human and artificial intelligence.

Virtual Strategy Consultant

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