The Blendification® System Book

Book Overview

The Blendification® System is based on the belief that many organizations fail to maximize their potential because they simply do not comprehend the magnitude of their personal and collective untapped capabilities.

This is not a theory-based, philosophical book. It is an in-depth operating system by which organizations reshape their infrastructure to realize potential. By following the structure outlined in The Blendification® System and using the Strategy Whiteboard, organizations will move beyond financial success to uplifting employees, customers, and communities.

A book that is needed during this perfect storm of business. I had a real “ah-ha” when reading about blending of EQ and SQ, emotional intelligence and system intelligence. We forget you need both to be a sustainable business.”

– Amazon Customer

“Great read that has pertinent advice on how to build a strong culture in a business. I found this a great book to pick up with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

– Amazon Customer

The Blendification system was born when the author could not find an effective management consulting and implementation system that establishes and ties together the necessary elements in a company to set it in the direction of reaching its potential. It sounds like an ambitious target to take on, yet the book distills a complicated topic into actionable alacrity. It points out how other well-intentioned management systems fail and how the Blendification system corrects their faults. The system and the advice are practical, not theoretical. It is also designed to be dynamic as internal and external impacts change. Also, the author’s anecdotes from past engagements at each stage to illustrate where companies did well and not so well are quite helpful. This book is recommended for anyone trying to get their arms around and delineate a company’s strategy, and how to efficiently mobilize a company toward sustainable growth.

– Amazon Customer

I’ve read a lot of books on management and leadership over the years. The management books tend to be heavy on theory and the leadership books tend to be heavy stories and techniques. Not that those books are bad. They have served me well over the years in my consulting and leadership challenges. It’s just that Dan Bruder’s book is different. It’s a hybrid between a manual and handbook. Something a leadership team would go to often to check their progress and map their adjustments. The Blendification System is a comprehensive approach to managing any company that is on the verge of true complexity — somewhere in the ball park of 75+ employees and 4 levels on an org chart. Below that size, Dan’s approach may be overkill. Above that size, Dan’s book/system will be a welcome roadmap.

– Amazon Customer

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