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Step into a new era of strategic planning and execution, where technology enhances employee engagement, setting the stage for extraordinary business achievements.

1: Employee Input & Preparation

Strategy 360 offers an advanced approach to strategic planning, blending AI and human expertise. Our Virtual Consultant, an AI tool, conducts detailed employee strategy interviews. A human consultant then expertly applies these insights to the company’s Strategy Whiteboard, a connected strategic planning framework. This fusion of AI efficiency and human wisdom ensures a comprehensive, customized strategy evolving from your key stakeholders and employees.

2: Leadership Decision Making

The Strategy Whiteboard application is a dynamic tool that elevates your company’s strategic planning and execution. It seamlessly integrates with the Strategy 360 process, capturing insights from employee strategy interviews to populate your strategic framework. This gives leadership a head start, enabling more informed decision-making in a shorter time frame. Enhanced with AI, the Strategy Whiteboard streamlines the planning process and boosts leadership effectiveness by offering data-driven guidance for impactful results.

3: Execution

The Roots Group software empowers strategy execution with precision and ownership. Functioning as internal peer groups, Roots Groups take the baton from the leadership team, working directly with the Strategy Whiteboard to pinpoint and enact key actions for desired outcomes. Tasked with coordinating all relevant activities, these groups utilize the Roots Group software, enhancing adaptability and success. AI support further bolsters their efforts, ensuring a streamlined approach to achieving strategic goals, making Roots Groups a pivotal element in orchestrating company success.

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