Roots Groups

The Roots Groups software activates a network of internal peer groups across various company levels, harnessing collective insights and energies to effectively implement and drive strategic actions.

Identify Strategic Actions

The Roots Group software streamlines your organization’s strategy execution. It enables internal peer groups, each aligned with a critical strategic focus lense: Customer, Product, Operations, and People. These groups collaboratively interpret and enact the Leadership Team’s strategic direction. Utilizing the Roots Group software, they efficiently identify and execute Strategic Actions to achieve desired outcomes. This not only organizes strategy implementation but also cultivates a culture of teamwork and unified purpose.

Roots Groups Meetings

The Roots Group software includes the ability to manage and document strategy implementation meetings, ensuring transparency and a history of discussions. This tool allows leadership and various Roots Groups to monitor and review each other’s work. With features for note-taking, and progress tracking, the software fosters an environment of open communication and collaboration. As teams implement strategies, their efforts and methodologies are visible to all, promoting a shared understanding and alignment across the organization. This approach not only enhances strategic execution but also builds a culture of mutual awareness and support.

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