Strategy 360

Strategy 360 reinvents strategic planning by seamlessly blending AI-driven insights from our Virtual Consultant’s dynamic employee interviews with human expertise, crafting a comprehensive, tailored strategy with the Strategy Whiteboard evolving directly from your employees’ perspectives.

Consultative Strategy Interviews (AI)

Leverage our advanced Virtual Consultant to engage with your team, whether it’s five or 5,000 members strong. By interviewing each participant, you ensure that everyone has a voice in shaping the company’s future. This approach not only fosters collaboration but also taps into your organization’s collective intelligence to drive strategic direction.

Analysis & Interpretation (AI)

Harness the power of our Virtual Consultant to efficiently distill insights from numerous strategy interviews. While the vast amount of data from these discussions may be overwhelming for individuals, our AI seamlessly processes, interprets, and summarizes each one in seconds. Benefit from rapid, precise analysis and save invaluable time as you shape your strategic direction.

Synthesized Strategic Direction (AI + human)

Once the Virtual Consultant conducts and interprets the interviews, it seamlessly translates the dominant themes into your company’s Strategy Whiteboard. This integration empowers the leadership team with enriched insights, setting the stage for efficient and effective decision-making and strategic execution.

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