Strategy Whiteboard

The Strategy Whiteboard software enables company leaders to shape the future with precision, taking AI-generated insights from employees to set a strategic direction, driving unified progress and innovation.

Affirm Strategic Direction

The Strategy Whiteboard software guides company leaders in leveraging AI-powered employee strategy interviews, laying the groundwork for finalizing the company’s strategic direction. Central to this is the Destination Meeting, an annual strategy-focused session, where the software provides extensive support through a recommended agenda, workbooks, a facilitation guide, and a virtual video library. Enhanced by AI trained on The Blendification System, it guides leaders in blending employee insights, external factors, and organizational purpose.

Calibrate Strategic Direction

The Strategy Whiteboard software uses the Calibration Meeting, a periodic, crucial gathering where leadership adjusts to evolving internal and external factors. Held several times a year, these meetings enable leaders to make informed decisions considering inputs from Roots Groups, industry shifts, and other impactful changes. The software supports these Calibration Meetings with a virtual video library, and AI trained on The Blendification System, ensuring that every decision is anchored in up-to-date, comprehensive insights.

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