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Welcome to The Blendification® System chapter summary and supporting materials program. Scroll down to see a video summary of each chapter; you can also download a blank Strategy Whiteboard input form by going to the last section, “Closing” and clicking on the “Materials” tab.  There you will find a link to download a writable Strategy Whiteboard. 

In these videos, the author, Dan Bruder, shares his personal perspective about each chapter to provide greater insight and support.  When these videos are combined with The Blendification® System book and effectively implemented, your organization experiences a level of alignment, fulfillment, and success that is more substantial and meaningful than legacy programs.  It is the perfect cooperative model that engages multiple levels of the organization in crafting and following the path to realizing potential. 

The book and this video platform are designed to give you the tools to create a blended organization without traditional consulting; however, if you are looking for a professionally facilitated program to fully engage your team, please send us a note via the Contact Form.

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