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Welcome to The Blendification® System – Strategy Component! This program is a comprehensive platform to enable your organization to systematically create a strategic model and execution system that will activate the potential of your employees and enhance your impact on customers and communities. The Strategy Component uses the Strategy Whiteboard as the tool to develop your strategic foundation.

There are four elements to The Blendification® System Strategy Component:

  1. Individual online video microlearning preparation
  2. Individual Strategy Whiteboard completion
  3. Strategic Leadership Team meetings
  4. Ongoing strategic execution

In this program, you will have access to a complete video microlearning platform structured around The Blendification® System book. The videos take you through a step-by-step process to complete your Strategy Whiteboard and transition into strategy execution. In support of the video microlearning platform, you will have access to a personal notebook and full workbook with detailed worksheets for your team to go through a series of strategic meetings yielding a strategic platform that is rigid in focus and agile in execution.

This program will fundamentally advance your organization by developing a strategic operating model that becomes embedded in your communication system thereby influencing your culture. Your commitment to the Blendification® System will positively enhance the work-life of your employees impacting your customers and enabling your organization to realize its potential.

The steps to get started include:

  1. Identify the participants from your organization – no more than 20
  2. Sign up each participant in this online program
  3. Go through the “Before you Start” section
  4. Download the Video Microlearning Notebook
  5. Individually, each participant engages in the Video Microlearning platform and completes meeting prework
  6. Conduct a series of strategic meetings with the participants using the structure and worksheets in the strategy workbook
  7. Follow the execution platform engaging multiple levels of the organization

Course Content

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PART 1 | The System of Business
PART 2 | Strategic Analysis
PART 3 | Strategic Focus, Outcomes, and Actions
PART 4 | Execution
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