Employee Focus

Enter a new era of personal planning and growth, where the fusion of technology and meaningful human connection ignites a path of discovery and achievement.

1: Personal Input & Preparation

Personal 360 is an advanced approach to personal planning and growth for employees. Our Virtual Consultant, an AI-powered tool, engages in dynamic personal growth interviews. The insights gathered are thoughtfully integrated into the Personal Whiteboard, tailored to your unique aspirations and goals. This creates a comprehensive, individualized growth plan that evolves from your own insights and experiences.

2: Personal Decision Making

The Personal Whiteboard, a meaningful addition to employee growth, empowers employees to craft a well-rounded life plan. Building upon insights from the AI-driven Personal 360 interviews, this software allows employees to continuously adapt and refine their life goals, responding to life’s changes. It’s a tool that facilitates the blending of relationships, wellness, work, and interests. With features that assist in establishing and monitoring daily habits, the Personal Whiteboard is a commitment from the company to help each team member stay focused on their broader life aspirations, ensuring a fulfilling journey both within and outside the workplace.

3: Connection

The Offshoot Groups software fosters collaboration and meaningful connections among employees, transcending physical boundaries. This platform facilitates internal peer groups, enabling team members from various locations to build better relationships at work. Offshoot Groups encourage employees to form deeper bonds with their colleagues through a structured yet flexible system, using professional and personal life experiences as the foundation for these relationships. This approach enhances teamwork and communication and nurtures a supportive and interconnected workplace culture, leading to better employee and company outcomes.

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