Personal 360

Personal 360 enhances employee growth and pesonal planning by masterfully integrating the Virtual Consultant’s personal interviewing capabilities.

The Personal 360 software is a tool that uses conversational AI, functioning like a personal coach, to guide individuals through a reflective journey. By asking insightful questions, this AI helps users craft their Personal Whiteboard, a unique compilation of their life pursuits. It delves into key areas such as relationships, wellness, work, and personal interests, aiding users in identifying meaningful focus. This intuitive, AI-driven dialogue not only uncovers aspirations but also aligns them, creating a harmonious blend of personal and professional pursuits, ensuring a well-rounded, satisfying life experience.

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For individuals ready to lead a more intentional life by adding their motivation, establishing commitment, and aligning routines with their desired outcomes using the Personal Whiteboard

For companies ready to connect culture, strategy, and execution using the Strategy Whiteboard and activate employee potential through the Personal Whiteboard.

For strategy firms, executive coaches, and individuals consultants seeking new ways to add value for their clients or are ready for opportunities to expand their product offering.