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Our Software Platform Helps Your Executive Coaching

You already help clients analyze their situation, create focus, define outcomes, and plan actions. Digitalize your work through our software and make it easier for your clients to follow the guidance and advice you provide.

Executive coaches offer incredible value to business leaders. Providing outside perspective, insight, and accountability is often the recipe needed to help leaders break free from plateaus and take their company and personal life to new heights. That is why we partner with executive coaches to help them increase their reach and impact. We invite you to join us as an Activation Partner for the Personal Whiteboard and Strategy Whiteboard web applications. Use either or both applications to complement the service you are already providing to your clients and receive revenue-share on software subscription fees.

What is an Executive Coaching Partner?

Our Executive Coaching Partner Program is for those coaches that have great relationships with their clients, but are looking for ways to reach a larger audience within their client’s organizations and/or establish a stronger relationship with their clients. We offer two types of partnerships: Referral Partners and Activation Partners.

Referral Partners are executive coaches that recognize the benefits of blending work and life and want to recommend Blendification to their clients, but do not have any ongoing responsibilities after that. We will reciprocate Referral Partners with a commission for any opportunities that materialize into a Blendification software subscription. 

Activation Partners are executive coaches that would like to use the Blendification software platform as an extension of their coaching services. Partners retain their own brand identities, maintain client relationships, and continue offering their unique coaching services. The Blendification software is treated as a value-add product that complements coaching services. It provides a platform to capture insights, decisions, and plans that are discovered through coaching to help clients implement.


Let’s talk about our Partner Program.

Benefits to Executive Coaches

Time is usually the limiting factor for executive coaches ability to scale their practice. With software, coaches can generate more income without demanding more time. Expertise, process, and support can be distributed through digital means making it easier to reach a higher number of people within client organizations. Software also helps institutionalize the plans, teachings, and goals executive coaches help leaders implement, which leads to longer retention and more consistent engagement.

Benefits to Your Coaching Clients

As an executive coach, you already know that activating leadership potential requires helping leaders improve both their personal life and their business. Blendification software blends work and life, making it one conversation. The Personal Whiteboard helps business leaders and their employees find personal focus and align it with that of the company. The Strategy Whiteboard helps leaders create company focus and unify their employees’ individual focus accordingly to achieve shared success.

The Blendification Difference

Another goal tracking tool is not going to help your clients achieve the outcomes they desire. Blendification is something different and new. It busts the Work/Life Balance myth and embraces Work-Life Blend. People don’t need more goals and activities added to their plate. They need help figuring out what to focus on, which things are truly compatible with their life, and how to align their actions to achieve the outcomes that matter most.

Are your clients trying to straddle Work and Life?

Work/Life Balance is a myth. A better approach is to help your clients blend work and life to create harmony between the two. Everyone is limited on time, resources, and energy. To activate greater potential, the best path is to leverage work to extract more benefit for all facets of a person’s life. At the same time, people should seek inspiration and motivation from their personal lives to apply in their professional lives to maximize their work.

Try Work-Life Blend Instead.

work life harmony

Blendification software provides a framework, process, virtual guidance, and tools to help leaders and their employees create blended companies. 

Let’s talk about our Partner Program.

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