Prior to getting started, click on the ‘Materials’ tab to access two files to support your efforts.

The first file, “Strategy Whiteboard Input,” is a file you can use to input your Strategy Whiteboard as you go through the Video Consulting process.  Complete this from a combination of the videos in this system and The BlendificationĀ® System book.  The file is a writable PDF so you can type directly into that – just make sure you save it!  The second file, “Video Consulting Notebook” is your personal video notebook used for you to take notes on each of the videos as you go through the system.

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For individuals ready to lead a more intentional life by adding their motivation, establishing commitment, and aligning routines with their desired outcomes using the Personal Whiteboard

For companies ready to connect culture, strategy, and execution using the Strategy Whiteboard and activate employee potential through the Personal Whiteboard.

For strategy firms, executive coaches, and individuals consultants seeking new ways to add value for their clients or are ready for opportunities to expand their product offering.