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Transform your company with expert guidance. Engage a professional facilitator to lead your team’s strategic planning and employee growth, integrating the Blendification software platform.

Engage a professional facilitator to enhance the use of the Blendification software, leading to better planning and execution. Blendification’s professional facilitators are dedicated to maximizing and aligning your company’s focus, ensuring that every step of your strategy propels you and your organization forward. Your consultant will guide you through a series of structured meetings and discussions, maximizing the effectiveness of the Blendification software. Your consultant will confidently guide you, providing the insights and framework necessary to achieve your business outcomes and sustain growth. The Blendification System outlines a series of connected Strategic Execution Meetings, which can be enhanced through professional facilitation and consulting.  These meetings are:

Empower your team with the Personal Whiteboard Workshop and coaching support, a meaningful experience that fosters deeper connections among employees and aligns them more closely with your company’s focus. The Personal Whiteboard Workshop and coaching includes the full Employee Focus software suite and is guided by a Blendification facilitator/coach. Employees will build their Personal Whiteboard using the Personal 360 and Personal Whiteboard software, setting a solid foundation for employee connection and trust supported by the Offshoot Groups software. 

Welcome to Blendification

Dan, our co-founder and CEO, talks about why Blendification matters today.

The Blendification Ethos

Blendification co-founders, Dan and Shawn, describe the ethos of a Blended Company.

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For individuals ready to lead a more intentional life by adding their motivation, establishing commitment, and aligning routines with their desired outcomes using the Personal Whiteboard

For companies ready to connect culture, strategy, and execution using the Strategy Whiteboard and activate employee potential through the Personal Whiteboard.

For strategy firms, executive coaches, and individuals consultants seeking new ways to add value for their clients or are ready for opportunities to expand their product offering.