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Let’s talk about our Partner Program.

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Receive income from our software subscribers

Get clients when our users want a consultant or coach

Distribute your content on our platform

Our Ideal Partners

You have strong relationships with clients and believe that software could help them actualize the insights, decisions, and plans you help them formulate.

Activation Partners

Referral Partners

Activation Partners

Maintain your independent brand and client relationships. You can include Blendification software subscriptions in your packaged offerings at discounted pricing. Or your clients can subscribe directly with us if you want to remain neutral.

Get connected to our users. Join our partnership network and we will refer our customers to you when they ask for consulting or coaching services.

Amplify your reach with digital content. Add your own videos and digital content to our virtual consultant and coaching libraries for wider distribution.

Expand your offering with co-branded solutions. You can use our culture, strategy, and people development programs to add to your workshops and consulting engagements.

How to Become an Activation Partner

We want to partner with companies and consultants that share our values and believe in our cause. Let’s evaluate if there is a strong fit between us. If there is, then we’ll gladly accept you into our partnership network and provide training on our platform. After that, go tell your clients or anyone you think could benefit using Blendification.

Referral Partners

Minimal expectations. If you know companies or individuals that you think would benefit from using our software, then recommend they try Blendification.

Receive income. When referrals turn to subscribers, you get paid.

Become part of our referral network. You’ll be on our list when our customers ask us for experts, professional services, or other business needs.

Benefits to Your Clients

You already know that activating potential requires improving both personal life and professional life. Blendification software blends work and life, making it one conversation. The Personal Whiteboard helps business leaders and their employees find personal focus and align it with that of their company. The Strategy Whiteboard helps leaders create company focus and unify their employees’ collective focus to achieve shared success.

Let’s talk about our Partner Program.

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