People Activation

The topics on this page are centered around activating the people in your organization and how they can reach greater potential. It is often said that people are a company’s most valuable resource. Click on the header or thumbnail to learn more about a particular topic.

Tired of walking on the treadmill of life not feeling like you haven’t gotten anywhere? The Personal Whiteboard gives you the process and framework to align your actions with the outcomes you want in life.

Are you great and finding all the obstacles and reasons why success isn’t achievable? That’s the red side of the Focus Spectrum. Learn how to shift your focus to the green side and find the path forward to success.

The things we see and hear are constantly shaping our perceptions, opinions, and mindsets. Use this tool to become aware of what those influences and sources of inspiration are, then take control over them.

The key to activating your potential is to identify your strongest attributes and leverage them in advantageous ways. But you must also recognize the behaviors hiding in the shadow of our blindspot that limit us.

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