How to Form a Positive Mindset from External Influences and Inspiration

Using the External Block in the Personal Whiteboard

The External Block helps you understand your biases and perceptions of the world. It has two components to it, Influences and Inspiration. Influences are the events, people, or circumstances that are influencing your opinions and thought patterns. Some influences come from moments in your past that have become relics of time. You may not even realize they are there, but they could be causing a profound impact on your choices. Other influences are things you are exposing yourself to every day such as your friends, media channels, or activities. Becoming aware of your influences will help you untangle intrinsic motivators from extrinsic ones. It will also help you be more intentional about choosing which influences you want to let into your life. Inspirations come from all areas. Anything that triggers passion, creativity, or excitement could be an inspiration to you. Inspirations are important to recognize and seek out because they can help us see what is possible.