Create Holistic Focus that Integrates Relationships, Wellness, Work, and Interests.

Spark the greatness in your employees and the entire company will benefit.

Be intentional about steering your life in the direction you want.

Holistic Framework for Cultivating Personal Growth

streak_self analysis

Discover you underlying motivations, identify what influences you, and recognize your strengths.

streak_focus n outcomes

Determine where you should focus your attention and how to invest your time to forge a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.


Create a plan of actions to move you toward your desired outcomes.


Cultivate personal growth with intentional habit building, daily journaling, and shared encouragement.

Choose what level of support is right for you.


Software guide


Coaching help

People Activation For Companies

Is employee growth a systematic part of your workplace?

People are often described as a company’s greatest asset. Yet, most companies maintain an arms length from their employees’ personal lives. While there are appropriate boundaries to keep between employer and employee, there is also a significant opportunity for employers to be more intentional about supporting and promoting the employee growth beyond the conventional performance goals. The Personal Whiteboard provides the framework and system to actualize this opportunity. It encourages individuals to take an active seat in steering their motivations, commitments, and routines.

The Personal Whiteboard Framework follows a similar pattern as the Strategy Whiteboard. This design helps employees better relate company culture, strategy, and execution to their personal lives. Creating common language and context between work and life improves synergy and unity within an organization.

Individual Subscriptions

Are you investing in your own growth?

The best investment you can make is in your personal growth. Learning to take control of your focus and direct it in ways that lead to the outcomes you want will enable you to adapt to most challenges you face in life. We cannot control all circumstances, but we can control how we respond to those circumstances and take actions that give us the best chance for success. 

Many people are already working with executive and life coaches, mentors, and advisors. That’s great if you are. The Personal Whiteboard framework complements most coaching styles and provides a place for you to capture the insights, decisions, and plans you are formulating. If you don’t have an existing coach, then we can help connect you to one from our network of partners. Or, you can do-it-yourself by following the guides and videos in the Virtual Coaching library embedded in the application.

Virtual Coaching

The Virtual Coach video library introduces and explains each section and block in the Personal Whiteboard assisting as a thought-provoking and explanatory aide. The videos provide helpful context for going through self-analysis, determining focus & outcomes, planning key actions, and triggering intentional growth. 

Below is an example of what the Virtual Coach interface looks like. Check out these selected videos as a small sampling of the Virtual Coaching experience.

Personal Focus Lenses

The Personal Whiteboard uses Focus Lenses for Relationships, Wellness, Work, and Interests. Each Focus Lens acts as a filter that helps ensure your focus, desired outcomes, and actions are addressing the essential aspects of your life. There is a unique block for each Focus Lens in the Focus & Outcomes and Actions sections where you write focus statements, define desired outcomes, and determine key actions related to focal context. This comprehensive frame ensures you are considering priorities across all dimensions of your life.

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