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The Virtual Strategy Consultant

Unlock exclusive benefits by being an early adopter of our Virtual Strategy Consultant. Dive into our strategic planning software suite, which includes the pioneering Virtual Consultant (AI employee strategy interviews) and the state-of-the-art Strategy Whiteboard software (strategic planning and execution). As a token of appreciation for your early support, you’ll receive special discounts and complimentary employee strategy interviews. Plus, enhance your experience by incorporating professional Strategy Whiteboard workshops and consulting services at preferential rates. Join us at the forefront of strategic innovation!

Preferred Access Benefits

Complimentary Employee Strategy Interviews

Harness the power of the Virtual Strategy Consultant and its advanced AI to shape your company’s future. Experience dynamic AI-driven interviews with up to 20 employees at no cost. It’s more than just a questionnaire or survey; think of it as an exceptionally cost-efficient consultant for your entire team.

Full year of the Strategy Whiteboard software at no cost

The Strategy Whiteboard software equips leaders with a robust tool to refine insights from employee strategy interviews and collaboratively determine the company’s direction. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive process for strategy implementation, fostering engagement across various organizational levels.

Personalized software support and seamless implementation

Every company has an internal “Activator,” a dedicated owner responsible for the seamless implementation of the software and coordinating the strategy execution process and the related meetings. We empower the Activator with robust training and support, ensuring they hit the ground running and maintain momentum. Our comprehensive support encompasses initial training, ongoing user assistance, and regular check-ins.

Strategy Whiteboard and Personal Whiteboard workshop discounts

Though the Virtual Consultant and Strategy Whiteboard software are crafted for a self-guided experience, Preferred Access companies have the option to collaborate with a professional strategy consultant for their workshops. As a benefit, each workshop comes with a $5,000 discount for our Preferred Access members.

Early access to rapidly advancing conversational AI

AI is evolving quickly, leading to frequent and significant product enhancements. As Preferred Access members, you’ll be at the forefront of this technological surge, reaping benefits for your company’s growth and team engagement. As we roll out updates, we actively seek your feedback to continually refine our offerings.

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