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Enhance your strategy execution with Roots Groups: Unlock the full potential of your organization through collaborative, cross-functional peer groups designed to foster internal synergy and optimal outcomes.

Welcome to the Roots Groups application, designed for seamless strategy execution. This platform supports Roots Groups – internal, cross-functional teams tasked with implementing the strategic plan from the Strategic Leadership Team’s Strategy Whiteboard. They are crucial to a distributed strategy execution model. The software orchestrates three key meetings: the initial Roots Groups Rollout, ongoing Roots Groups Meetings, and Connection Meetings for collaboration with the Strategic Leadership Team.

The Roots Groups Rollout Meeting is a comprehensive session designed to jumpstart the strategy execution process. In this session, internal peer groups, known as Roots Groups, are briefed and assume responsibility for the strategic initiatives. The meeting encompasses several segments, beginning with an overview of the Strategy Whiteboard. This initial part presents the culmination of the Strategy 360 employee interviews and subsequent decisions made by the Strategic Leadership Team, reflecting employee input. Both the Strategic Leadership Team and the Roots Groups attend this segment, with an option to include a broader company audience.

Following this introductory phase, the meeting shifts to focused discussions with each Roots Group separately. These sessions outline Roots Group members’ specific roles and responsibilities, explain the rationale behind their selection, and establish the schedule and expectations for subsequent Roots Group meetings. This structure ensures a clear understanding and commitment to the strategic direction and execution plan.

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