Strategy Whiteboard

Strategic Analysis

The Strategic Analysis section provides the space for your company to define its Culture, identify External Impacts, evaluate Internal strengths and weaknesses, reflect on Historical Results, and set a strategic Foundation. The combination of these blocks creates the context necessary for your Strategic Focus and Outcomes.

Strategic Focus & Outcomes

The Strategic Focus & Outcomes section is where you map out the specific trajectory of your company. Strategic focus statements are used to describe what your company intends to do. Strategic Outcomes area added to give measurable and time-bound goals defining what you're trying to achieve. This section is segmented into four focus lenses to help channel cross-functional efforts. These are Customer & Market, Product, Operations, and People. Expected Results are the measures you expect to see if your strategy is successfully executed.

Strategic Actions

The Strategic Actions section is your company’s top-level playbook outlining the most significant actions necessary to achieve your Strategic Outcomes. Aligning actions to outcomes is one of the most important steps in any strategic planning process. Strategic Actions are defined by time-bound deliverables to promote transparency and accountability. While Strategic Focus tends to be more rigid, Strategic Actions must be highly responsive to results making the company agile in its execution.

Execution | Roots Group

Roots Groups are the primary link between executive leadership and the rest of the company and are critical to strategic execution. They are teams of top employees assigned to each focus lens that drive culture, strategy, and execution from the bottom up. Roots Groups members determine, monitor, and adjust the Strategic Actions firmly placing ownership in their hands.

Virtual Consultant

Most companies already possess the knowledge and expertise needed to build a successful business strategy. Consultants just help piece it together and frame it in an actionable way. With the Strategy Whiteboard App, you will be assisted by our Virtual Consultant while working through each section and block of the Strategy Whiteboard.

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Personal Whiteboard

Personal Analysis

The Personal Analysis section provides the space for you to define the Code you live by. This includes your personal Cause, Pursuits, and Principles. Other blocks enable you to identify which External Influences shape you, and what Internal Attributes describe your strengths and weaknesses. The Core is the final analysis block and is where you pinpoint a Core Objective and Core Competency Statement.

Personal Focus & Outcomes

The Personal Focus & Outcomes section is where you document the most significant objectives in your life. Personal focus statements are used to describe what you intend to do across the various domains in your life. These domains can be viewed as focus lenses and include Relationships, Wellness, Work, and Interests. Outcomes describe what you want to see come to fruition through each lens. Targeting outcomes that are complimentary across all lenses will greatly enhance your ability to achieve the results you seek.

Personal Actions

The Personal Actions section is your personal playbook outlining the most significant actions or habits necessary to achieve your desired Outcomes. Aligning actions to outcomes is one of the most important steps in any goal-management process. Personal Actions are constantly changing in response to new evolving circumstances. Your focus, on the other hand, should resist the temptation to wander.

Reinforcement | Offshoot Group

Offshoots are small, tight-knit groups that provide a setting of encouragement and inspiration. Journeys are best traveled with others, and a journey of self-actualization is no different. Through the reinforcement of an offshoots group, you will have a much better chance of seeing your aspirations turn to reality.

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