Workshops and Consulting Services Enabled By Software

Strategy planning sessions, leadership workshops, and other outside-facilitated engagements can be a powerful catalyst for kickstarting change in your organization. However, the impact from these events decay over time as ideas are forgotten, deliverables fall out of sight, and people revert to old habits and thinking patterns.

Blendification’s workshops are backed by our Strategy Whiteboard software and Personal Whiteboard app making it easier for your company to transfer the insights, decisions, and plans into a system that persists long after facilitated sessions.

We provide end-to-end workshops for companies that want an outside facilitator to guide you through a complete program for activating your culture, strategy, or people.​

Culture Development Workshop

Get clear about why your company exists and how it impacts employees, customers, and communities. Establish expectations for how your people interact.

Define your company Cause, Intention, Behaviors and Habits. Then set up a system for weaving it within the fabric of your organization’s DNA.

How it Works

Designated team prepares by completing individual pre-work including a survey and short video course.

We facilitate a 2 to 3 day off-site to define your company’s Culture Stack leveraging the Blendification platform.

We help attach your new culture to the organization with a roll-out plan that empowers employees to lead the charge.

Strategy Planning Workshop

Connect your company Culture, Strategy, and Execution with a comprehensive program for strategic analysis, defining strategic focus and outcomes, and executing strategic actions.

How it Works

Your strategic leadership team prepares by completing individual pre-work assisted by workbooks and videos.

We facilitate a 2 to 3 day off-site called the Destination meeting where we complete the Strategy Whiteboard.

We roll-out the Strategic Execution to Roots Groups in a 1 day Connection meeting.

People Activation Workshop

Activate the potential in your people by investing in their personal growth and development.

growing people

How it Works

Employees get access to the Personal Whiteboard app. This provides a framework and resources for personal growth.

Cohorts of up to twenty employees attend facilitated in-person sessions that trigger a growth mindset and new mental tools for personal development.

Participants of a cohort form smaller Offshoot Groups where they build stronger relationships and provide mutual encouragement.

Workshop Pricing

Facilitation: Workshop facilitation is quoted based on length of session, number of participants, location and logistics. Typical engagements average between $15,000 and $35,000.

Software Subscription: First year software subscription is included in the workshop fees. Standard subscription fees apply thereafter.

Customized Sessions: We offer project-based and hourly fee structures depending on your needs and preferences.


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