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Dan Bruder, Co-founder and CEO of Blendification, has dedicated his career to blending work and life and empowering people to unlock their potential through meaningful workplace experiences.  As the co-creator of Blendification®, Dan envisions a world where companies and employees connect seamlessly, driving personal and professional growth.

Dan’s keynotes and workshops highlight generative AI and how it can be applied in business to enhance culture, strategy, and execution leading to greater employee engagement and company outcomes. Blendification’s transformative approach has been recognized through its incorporation into MBA and Executive MBA programs, as well as through Dan’s book, “The Blendification® System,” and his popular TEDx Talk, which has garnered over 225k views.

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Email dan@blendification.com to book Dan for a keynote or workshop.

Keynotes & Workshops

What type of impact could your company have on its employees, its customers, and the larger community if everyone was operating at their potential? 

  • AI-Powered Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Blendification: Connecting company focus and employee focus
  • Activation Formula: Activate employee potential and company potential, together
  • Strategy Whiteboard: Rigid strategic focus with agile execution
  • Personal Whiteboard: Employee growth and connection in a disconnected world

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