Individual Strategy Pre-Work

ELT Online Input: Segment 1

There are three sections to complete in Pre-Work Segment 1. Follow the prompts in the form below to guide your input. The initial information will cover three areas:

The input from your submission will be used to construct a fact-base and framework to identify what information is relevant to the company’s strategic direction and focus.

Instructions for Completing this Form

1) This form can be saved if you do not finish. Be sure to save your unique link.

2) Plan about one (1) hour to complete the form. 

3) It is encouraged to add input to all items, but it is not required.

4) Additional fields for External Factors and Impacts will appear after you add input.

5) If you have documents you want to upload but are not readily available, you can return to this form and upload them in a separate submission. Alternatively, you can email them.

Fact Base Input Form