Strategy Analysis Wizard

The Strategy Analysis Wizard is used to gather, aggregate, and process information ahead of strategic analysis and planning. There are various tools in the wizard that are used for different types of information. Read the prompts to guide you through the process. All information submitted will be kept anonymous, so please provide genuine input.

STEEP overview

Strategy blending

Scan Process

Perform a mental scan on each of the four Focus Lenses using the STEEP model as a reference guide. Take notes in the text boxes below or on your own as you identify factors that could impact the business. The factors that pose the greatest threat or opportunity will be submitted in the next section.

Submit your Information

Now that you have “mentally” scanned all aspects of the business for external impacts, it is time to choose which ones should be evaluated for strategic planning purposes. Go through your notes and select up to ten (10) external factors that you believe will have the greatest impact on your business. Then submit these in the form below.

How to use this form:

Enter in the form field a description of an external factor, then select which aspects of the business would be impacted the most. After selecting the impact area, another form field will appear. You can add up to ten (10) external factors, but can submit as few as only one (1) factor.