Strategy Planning

This page includes tools, tips, and resources for Strategic Planning. Topics cover various steps in strategic analysis such as external and internal evaluation and setting strategic direction. Click on the header or thumbnail to learn more about a particular topic.

Effective strategic planning requires a thorough understanding of the world around you. This exercise will help you scan the external landscape and identify which factors will impact your business so you can prepare and respond.

Using a SWOT analysis to list out strengths and weaknesses is a common activity in strategic planning. However, this task can be improved with a more structured method. Try using the Business Microscope to  better evaluate your company.

A set of strategic objectives that don’t tie together will just cause a conflict of priorities with no clear idea for what success is. Concentrate your strategic focus on a single, unifying objective that your company and employees can rally around.

We are used to strategy plans being broken up into functionals goals that are distributed across teams. Unfortunately, that typically leads to competition for resources, departmental silos, and reduced transparency. Prevent this by using Focus Lenses.