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AI integrates employee insights to craft an employee-based strategic plan within the Strategy Whiteboard framework, enabling leadership to make informed decisions and and finalize strategic direction.

Professional business consultants use the Strategy Whiteboard app to convert insights from the Strategy 360 employee interviews into a cohesive, employee-informed strategic framework via AI technology. It lays the groundwork for the Destination Meeting, an annual retreat for strategic planning by the Strategy Leadership Team. Below, we outline how to utilize the Strategy Whiteboard app to sharpen decision-making and guide strategic orientation.

The Destination Meeting Kickoff, specifically designed for the Strategic Leadership Team—the primary decision-makers within the company—aims to set clear expectations and review logistics in preparation for the Destination Meeting, an offsite strategy retreat. This one-hour session is typically conducted via video conference to ensure all participants are aligned and ready for the strategic planning process.

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Introduction to Strategic Analysis

Introduction to Culture

Potential and Culture

Earned Success

Culture, Strategy, and Execution Make a Nice Meal

Culture Dialogue

Blendification Culture

Statement of Cause

Statement of Intention



Blendfiication Culture Dialogue

External Introduction


Serving Two Masters

Social Impacts

Technology Impacts

Environmental Impacts

Economic Impacts

Political Impacts


External Dialogue

Internal Introduction

Core Competencies

Internal Strategy Blending

Internal Dialogue

Foundation Introduction

Unifying Objective

Core Competency Statement

Foundation Dialogue

Focus & Outcomes Introduction

Outcome-based Culture

Cross Focus Connection

Strategic Focus Statements

Block Training


Strategy Blending

Strategic Focus & Outcomes Dialogue

Customer Introduction

Analysis Influencing Strategy - Customer

Customer Dialogue

Product Introduction

Analysis Influencing Strategy - Product

Product Dialogue

Operations Introduction

Analysis Influencing Strategy - Operations

Operations Dialogue

People Introduction

Analysis Influencing Strategy - People

People Dialogue

The Destination Meeting Debrief is time to go over the final output of the Destination Meeting. The participants are the Stratetgic Leadership Team and is between 30 minutes and one hour.

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Feedback Loops

Activation Formula Introduction

Activation Formula Variables

10 Reasons Why Execution Fails

Roots Groups

Connection Meeting

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