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The Strategy Whiteboard is an online AI-supported strategy planning and implementation software that helps your company focus on the big picture.

Whiteboard Framework

Each block provides a step-by-step flow in strategic planning and implementation.

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Strategy Whiteboard

Strategic Analysis

External Impacts
Internal Evaluation
Historical Results

The Strategy Whiteboard app provides the flexibility to incorporate your company’s existing culture and use that as the guiding force for strategy development and execution, or you may use the Blendification culture framework of Cause, Intention, and Behaviors.


Use the External Impacts block to list the things outside of your control that will have a significant impact on your company. These could be threats, opportunities, trends, or sources of inspiration. This will serve as a critical set of assumptions that drive your company’s decision-making and direction.


Identify the major strengths that your company has. What are you particularly proud of? Which things do you rely on most to win customers, attract employees, or meet expectations. These are the things you build your strategy around. You will also identify weaknesses in this block, but only those that require critical attention.


The Historical Results block enables you to create a table of metrics for up to 5 time periods. These could be quarters, years, or whatever is appropriate to your company. The main purpose of this table is to provide a quick reference for us to ensure we all have the same understanding of past performance.


The Foundation block is where we really begin to aim the company toward a singular focal point set 4 to 5 years out in time. There are three elements to this block and each one helps establish parameters that will be used throughout your Strategic Planning and Implementation.


Strategic Focus & Outcomes

Customer & Market
Expected Results

This Focus Lens is where you create high resolution clarity on who your customers are and which markets you are targeting. Get specific deciding which geographies, industry types, demographics, psychographics and any other segment or profile detail that helps you narrow in on your ideal customer.


This Focus Lens sharpens the expectations of how your product helps you connect with you specific customer & market. Think about what your customer expects to receive such as benefits, experience, and value proposition. Also, what do you expect in return such as revenue and profit.


The Operations Focus Lens gives detail on how your company needs to manage its assets, resources, and infrastructure. Not to be confused with standard operating procedures and general administrative functions, this block highlights the big things like M&A, finances, real estate, and organization structure.


Every business is comprised of and dependent on its people. The People Focus Lens helps you be intentional about your employees and other stakeholders. What do you need from your people to be successful? But also, how are you sharing that success with them?


Disciplined companies follow a budget. But strategic companies let their strategy drive their budget. If your company achieves the Strategic Outcomes you defined in each Focus Lens block, then what are the Expected Results? Create a table showing your company’s key metrics and let those set your budget.

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Strategy Whiteboard

Strategic Actions

Customer & Market

Customer & Market Strategic Actions are the significant things you will do to attract and retain your customers. These impact whole customer experience. Everyone in the company needs to support these actions, not just your sales and marketing teams.


Product Strategic Actions ensure your product is meeting the expectations of your customers and your stakeholders. Consider what features are required to solve the problem. How does the pricing correlate with the benefits customers receive and how does it compare to competitor offerings or alternative solutions?


Operations Strategic Actions cover all the major items involving how your company operates. Consider how to structure your costs and teams appropriately. Determine which factors are hurting profits or limiting scale. Decide where to invest and what capabilities you need to attain.


The People Strategic Actions are highly connected to the Culture block. This is the place to figure out how employees are being cultivated and incentivized. Think how to establish workplace norms that foster the desired culture. Do what it takes to make your company a place where people can thrive and grow.


Execution | Root Group

  • Grow corporate Instagram account followers from 450K to 1M by increasing content campaigns
  • Increase social media affiliate partner program by adding 25 new influencers
  • Launch 15 retail pop-ups in select malls in Beijing. Hong Kong, Seoul, and Singapore
  • Discontinue Facebook advertising and reallocate budget to new marketing programs
  • Create customer segmentation tool to better match product features with age demographics
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  • Finalize material compositions for band casing
  • Implement and test new power management protocol for energy saver and inactive modes
  • Replace pedometer sensor package with more efficient wake-state switching
  • Increase water resistance pressure rating from 3 ft to 50 ft
  • Add UV protection glaze on touch screen
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  • Implement new order fulfillment software suite to prevent long-lead lag events and increase outbound bundling opportunities
  • Increase supply inventory to 6 months of stock for greater supply chain resilience
  • Procure long term contracts for rubber, glass, and battery purchasing to lower costs by 20%
  • Complete build-out of stage 2 assembly plant to get manufacturing hub operating at capacity
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  • Implement hybrid and remote office policy
  • Start team development workshop series and group reinforcement program
  • Begin geographic diversification recruitment by targeting Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tulsa, and Dallas
  • Create bonus allocation plan based off earnings growth and revenue vitality index
  • Establish culture sentiment gauge to measure employee attitudes, feelings, and general outlook on the workplace
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Create a Comprehensive Company Strategy Yourself or With Help

Self-facilitated Planning

Let our software guide you as your team takes strategy planning in your own hands. We support you with a digital facilitation guide, workbook, and videos. 

Work with a Consultant

Connect with an expert from our partnership network to support your strategy planning needs. We also love working with your existing consultants to find a solution that works for you.

Virtual Consultant

The Virtual Consultant is a feature embedded in the Strategy Whiteboard to guide you through the process of Strategic planning and implementation. There are over 100 context-specific videos associated with each section and block in the Whiteboard. These videos provide general overviews, generate new learning, give examples, and stimulate broader thinking.

Below is an example of what the Virtual Consultant interface looks like. Check out these selected videos as a small sampling of the Virtual Consultant experience. 

The Strategic Focus & Outcomes section is made up of five blocks. The first four pertain to focus lenses and follow a repeated pattern of focus statements and Strategic Outcomes. The Strategy Whiteboard uses the concept of focus lenses rather than differentiating by department or function. This enables a more holistic viewpoint of Strategic Outcomes and encourages cross-functional collaboration to achieve company-wide success. The focus lenses represent the four primary perspectives a company should consider when thinking about its strategy. These are Customer & Market, Product, Operations, and People. The last block in this section is for expected results, which is used to forecast the resulting performance metrics if the company’s strategy is implemented successfully.

Implement Your Company Strategy with Rigid Focus and Agile Execution

The real power of strategy comes from effective execution. Turning ideas into action is quite challenging without a formula for success. Implementing the Strategy Whiteboard follows the activation formula, E2 + C2 = Success.

Expectations are set by the Planning Side of the Strategy Whiteboard.

Evidence is given by the progress made towards Strategic Outcomes.

Carrots exist in the fulfillment people fill when they have the autonomy to own strategic actions and are invested in the company’s success.

Connection is created from the establishment of Roots Groups and the unification of shared purpose.

A better way to align priorities

Legacy business practice would have you setting strategic objectives or goals based on department, function, or team. However, functional division creates informational silos, conflicts around priority, and fosters adversarial tension between teams. The Strategy Whiteboard avoids this by looking at the business holistically through different lenses. Each lens enables you to see different details about your business while still keeping all organizational functions in mind. For example, the Customer & Market lens isn’t just for sales and marketing teams. Every employee in the company affects the customer experience and should be keenly aware of how they contribute to the Customer & Market related outcomes.

Differentiating Strategy vs Tactics

Most business leaders have experienced strategy meetings that were hijacked by tactical issues. When this happens frequently, it can feel like constant firefighting or being stuck in the day to day weeds. This is why it is so important to distinguish strategic topics from tactical topics and to use separate tools for each. Many tactical process management software products are advertised as strategy solutions. While it is possible that they could be used as such, chances are that using them for that purpose will only compromise the integrity and quality of your company strategy. The Strategy Whiteboard is designed specifically to help your company determine its strategic direction and focus. It complements your existing operations and tactics by serving as a North Star to help your organization determine and follow an overall company direction. Use the Strategy Whiteboard for seeing the big picture and building the bridge to daily execution. Keep tactics and the daily operational details in project management and task tracking software.

How the Strategy Whiteboard compares to other strategy solutions

Going beyond OKRs

The Strategy Whiteboard goes beyond OKRs. It provides a comprehensive strategy planning process to help your company establish the right objectives that connect to a bigger picture. The Strategy Whiteboard also includes an implementation model with a meeting facilitator to keep your strategy alive and agile. However, existing OKRs can easily fit into the Strategy Whiteboard framework. 

Are you using the Entrepreneurial Operating System?

EOS is a common business operating system that works like a manual that helps leaders manage their business. There are many overlapping areas with Blendification and there are several key differences. Blendification’s Strategy Whiteboard is best for companies that are looking for something that takes an employee-first perspective with regard to business strategy. The emphasis on blending work and life is derived from our belief that unifying business interests and personal interests is the next step leaders can take to activating potential.

What if we have a strategy consultant?

That’s great! Consultants provide a wealth of expertise and serve as important sounding-boards in strategic decision-making. The Strategy Whiteboard isn’t a replacement, but an enhancement to your existing consultants. Rather than leaving the valuable analysis and planning work that you produce with your consultant in PowerPoint slides or PDF documents, you can easily transfer the information to the relevant Strategy Whiteboard blocks. This will keep your strategy alive and make it easier to distribute to those responsible for executing. 

Of course, some companies prefer to plan their strategy themselves. If that is you, then the Strategy Whiteboard is also the perfect solution. The virtual consultant library is a great option for guiding the strategic planning process if you don’t have the time or resources to invest in face-to-face management consulting.

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