We are Blendification

a consultech company

blending work and life

activating potential

What is Blendification?

Blendification connects business interests with human interests. It describes the ethos that emerges when profit powers the responsibility to create positive impact on employees, customers, and communities. Our belief is that:

You will achieve more and live a fulfilled life when human potential and business potential are activated together.

When employees are unified and work in coherent autonomy, business serves as a platform for personal growth and success.

The advancement of a meaningful cause measured by a clearly defined strategy leads to rewarding outcomes.

Employees unified by Culture, aligned through
Strategy, and empowered in Execution

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Our Platform

Blendification is implemented through our online software platform comprised of the Strategy Whiteboard and Personal Whiteboard apps. The Strategy Whiteboard provides a framework for companies to manage culture, strategy, and execution. The Personal Whiteboard gives employees a synergistic framework that supports their individual goals and personal development.

Libraries of wisdom made actionable
in the hands of employees

Upgrading the Metaphorical
Software of Business

By digitalizing and delivering traditional consulting in an on-demand, operational format, implementation and stickiness are greatly improved. Results come when ideas are quickly turned into action and knowledge becomes practice.