A better way to
blend work and life

Work and Life are changing.
How is your company adapting?

Our world is more connected than ever by technology and data. Yet, many people are feeling detached from their work and are lacking fulfillment. Higher productivity in your business requires more than dashboards, progress charts, and goal tracking. Your employees have the potential to take your company to a new level. Activate them through a connected Strategy and a blended Life.

The Personal Whiteboard app helps your employees grow and develop.

Personal Whiteboard

Strategy Whiteboard

The Strategy Whiteboard helps your business connect and focus on the things that matter.

Blended companies will lead business innovation.

Trying to balance work and life in today’s complex and rapidly changing world will only limit your potential. It’s time to build a more meaningful connection between the two by creating a blended company. Your company can be at the forefront of leveraging technology to accelerate company and employee growth using the Strategy and Personal Whiteboards.

In blended companies, the overlap between work and life is recognized as the place where potential is activated. Leaders understand that alignment does not come from simply cascading objectives or tracking progress. They realize that true alignment only comes when employees care about the strategy and when the work they do is meaningful to their own lives.

Welcome to Blendification

Dan, our co-founder and CEO, talks about why Blendification matters today.

The Blendification Ethos

Blendification co-founders, Dan and Shawn, describe the ethos of a Blended Company.