Activating potential by connecting culture, strategy, and execution

The Blendification System helped our company identify, develop, and implement meaningful solutions for our customers. This enhanced our company culture and enriched employees’ lives. We’re on the path to reaching our potential.”

-Toshi Akiyama | CEO, American DataBank Group

What is

Blendification is happening right in front of us and is accelerating through changes in social, economic, demographic, and geographic factors.  Societal Blendification exists in ethnic, generational, and economic diversity at work and in communities.  Multiple generations are living and working together; work and homelife are connected. Various races and backgrounds are integrating at work and at home.  Blendification is being embraced by some, accepted by others, and resisted by even others.  Regardless of the differing opinions, the fact is, Blendification is real.

A blended world is where people thrive.  We are meant to connect and work together in a cooperative environment.  So, how can you adapt to the trends and realize your potential in a blended society?

What is the blendification system?

The Blendification System embraces the propensity to connect within organizations and businesses.  The system enhances alignment and connections that already exist within organizations. Specifically, it blends business culture, strategy, and execution to activate greater organizational potential. This cooperative business model yields significant outcomes as employees are aligned and work together to identify solutions for customers, products, operations, and people positively impacting all who are engaged and connected.


When company culture does not have the capacity or capability to adapt, strategic execution will fail. Consequently, organizational culture must be intentionally designed and disseminated so that the company can realize its potential.  Organizational potential drives culture, motivates employees, and unifies the team.


Strategic plans tend to lose steam after the planning is finished when market conditions change and the urgent takes priority over the important. When a strategic operating model is developed, (connected with culture and execution) rather than simply creating a strategic plan, the opportunity to realize potential is enhanced.


An efficient and effective execution system embraces the organization’s culture to systematically implement strategy. Strategic execution is rooted in the company’s ability to harness a culture of agility in the face of uncertainty. Execution completes the Blendification System and is a personal and leadership system to increase bandwidth.

Why Activate the Blendification System?

The Blendification System embraces natural connections between people, departments, groups, and communities to maximize potential and achieve tremendous outcomes. Businesses have only scratched the surface of their potential. Today and in the future, organizational potential will be realized through a cooperative operating model where everyone is unified, energized, and motivated to advance the organizational cause with an effective strategic operating model and an agile execution system. The Blendification System is the only cooperative business model uniting key organizational elements.  By activating the Blendification System, leaders will maximize:

  • Revenue Potential
  • Margin Potential
  • Profit Potential
  • Leadership Potential
  • Employee Potential
  • Organizational Potential

Who Should Activate the Blendification System?

The Blendification System is a process for organizations and leaders to expand their impact and increase the intrinsic and financial value of the company. While the Blendification System engages, energizes, and aligns the entire organization, the system was designed for the following types of leaders and companies:

  • Legacy Impact: Seeking to leverage their business and career to create a legacy impact on employees, customers, and communities
  • Stuck: Stagnant and looking for a cooperative business model to accelerate growth
  • High-Growth: Experiencing tremendous growth and need to empower teams with an effective, agile, and structured responsibility system