Our Story

Dan Bruder, CEO of Blendification spent decades leading strategy in large, multi-national organizations as well as smaller entrepreneurial ventures. Upon exiting the corporate world, he established a consulting practice and was determined to create a model that would return businesses to their original purpose. That is, business exists to solve problems and positively impact employees, customers, and communities.

Over the past several decades, business leaders’ focus on return on shareholder equity (ROE) and profits have overshadowed the importance and potential of business in society. Dan was intensely motivated to create a more effective and unifying operating model providing businesses with a clear and effective system to pursue purpose that transcends ROE and profit. While profit and ROE are critical to business success, they should not be considered the end game. They are simply the fuel that enables organizations to pursue and realize their potential.

Dan’s pursuit led to the conclusion that organizations need to operate with a powerful model that unifies culture, strategy, and execution. When these three components are blended in unison integrating a common and intentional language, organizations become more than just a place to work. They become a collection of aligned, focused, and engaged people coming together to pursue their human potential.

After years of testing, modifying, and enhancing the system with multiple organizations and using it as the platform for teaching at two universities, Dan wrote and published the book, The Blendification® System, Activating Potential by Connecting Culture, Strategy, and Execution. Today, the Blendification team works to enable global access to the Blendification System through the book, digital technology, and implementation programs propelling businesses into the role of societal and community leader.


At the forefront of the Blendification System is Culture. Culture is much more than a platitude that is posted on a wall. It is the motivation for what we do, our careers, how we behave, and interact with colleagues. Culture also directly impacts the ability to execute on the strategic platform. It becomes the unifying purpose for employees, customers, and communities. The first element of a strong culture is identifying and illuminating a Statement of Cause.

Our Company's statement of cause

Organizations embracing their responsibility to activate potential.


As business organizations take on greater responsibility, it is critical that their intention for key benefactors is stated. The Statement of Intention becomes a commitment and something the company can be held accountable to. In the case of Blendification, our Statement of Intention provides a clear statement for how we will impact our employees, customers, and community.

Our Company's statement of Intention

Blendification unifies employees, companies, and their customers, sparking human potential that positively impacts communities.

our Future

The twenty-first century has sling-shotted the world into an era of unprecedented technological change completely upending conventional wisdom of standard business management practice. Key tenets that businesses relied on in past decades to drive growth and protect their market are quickly breaking against waves of disruption made possible by a highly connected and dispersed market. Pressure to succeed through this paradigm shift has triggered three distinctive trends leading to explosive growth in organization management systems, strategy consulting firms, and corporate management software platforms.


Leaders desperately searching for new ways to motivate employees and increase productivity are embracing new models of organization theory and design. More than ever, leaders are developing newfound respect for team culture, alignment, and empowerment. However, most organization operating models typically lack the detailed blueprints and tools to effectively implement.


Leaders anxiously wading through rising seas of data trying to extract insights made elusive by continuously changing market landscapes are regularly seeking experienced consultants to help make strategic decisions. But strategy consultants often leave organizations with static playbooks that are difficult to disseminate across teams and then quickly become obsolete.


Leaders demanding better and consistent results from complex initiatives are investing heavily in software platforms to help departments manage activity and align each department’s individual goals and objectives. Frustratingly, task and goal management software usually lack lateral connection across the organization causing fragmented objectives with no clear company-wide priority.
It is at the intersection of these three trends that the Blendification team has identified its opportunity to deliver impact. We are building a digital ecosystem of capabilities to help companies implement the Blendification System. It is our belief that combining a powerful operating model with digital consulting support and compatible strategy management software will reduce the tremendous friction organizations face when motivating and orienting employees to a unified cause.